Stoner Bunting Welcomes Marty Lobaugh to New IT & Facilities Manager Position

Posted by: Stoner Bunting 08/03/2016

The complex world of IT continues to evolve and merge with facility management, and small businesses are required to rethink their strategies in managing the immense workload that results. As millions of American workers increasingly switch to mobile computers, utilize cloud-computing applications and adjust work/life balances, a dedicated IT professional who can troubleshoot current and future problems is essential to the team. Stoner Bunting has found that person in Marty Lobaugh.


A Dedicated Professional

As the Lancaster-based agency’s IT and facilities manager, Lobaugh brings a unique skillset and understanding to Stoner Bunting. A technical specialist with more than twenty years of experience across a broad range of industries, Lobaugh most recently owned Skywalker Technologies, LLC in Pequea, PA, a company that specializes in networking and communications, computer repair, phone system and CCTV installation, and a variety of cutting-edge IT and facility needs.


An Essential Team Member

“Marty is an essential part of our expanding team, and his knowledge in IT is an asset as we continue to digitize our world,” said Dan Nguyen, president and creative director. “As our own, in-house IT and facilities manager, he will help us oversee a variety of exciting new projects in addition to day-to-day operations. As the Internet of Things has shown, our needs are changing every day as more and more products and facility features become interconnected.”


More Than Meets the Eye

Beyond his new position and twenty year history in the industry, Lobaugh enjoys spending time with his young son Noah, is an avid scuba diver, mountain biker and can often be found flying his drone throughout Lancaster County and the surrounding area.