Lead Generation

Grow your network for ongoing cultivation

The goal of lead generation tactics is to convert anonymous traffic into identifiable individuals. With engaging content, events and promotional offers, you can pull audiences further into the sales funnel and establish the opportunity for ongoing dialogue through marketing automation and contact with the sales team.

They key to lead generation is providing the audience with something of high enough value that they will exchange their information for it. The higher the value and the more trusted your brand, the more reliable the information and more qualified the lead. This comes down to a strategic knowledge of what your audience values and the ability to target it as precisely as possible. Because in the world of B2B lead generation, quality trumps quantity.

For example, a sweepstakes giving away an Eames chair could get you thousands of names and emails, but those contacts will most likely include a lot of online “sweepers”, generic gmail.com email addresses, and very few qualified architectural professionals. However, an online continuing education course worth 2 Health, Safety and Welfare CEU credits may get you a list of 900 contacts, all qualified architectural professionals, many of whom will provide their business email address.

Some effective lead generation tactics we have successfully used for clients include:

  • Audience events [attendee sign-ins]
  • Online offers and promotions [signups]
  • CEUs and webinars [test takers]
  • High-value content [downloads]
  • Sweepstakes/contests [entries]
  • Tradeshows [badge scans]