Email Marketing

Shoring up the foundational elements of digital marketing

Every time a sexy new digital marketing tactic arrives on the scene, the blogs start proclaiming the death of email marketing. But the reports of email’s demise are always premature.

Email marketing remains as fundamental to the B2B marketing toolbox as a hammer is to a literal toolbox. It continues to be one of the most cost-effective, customizable and measurable tactics for building long-term relationships and shepherding prospects through the sales funnel.

Stoner Bunting Advertising is a believer in the power of email marketing to deliver content and attain conversions in the design and construction industry.

Our services in this area include:

  • Email marketing strategy – identifying the right messaging and timing for your target audiences
  • Email list growth campaigns – finding the lead generators that will fill your funnel
  • Email template design – giving your messages the visual advantage
  • Email content development – providing compelling stories and calls to action to generate click-throughs
  • Email performance analysis – auditing previous campaigns and determining how to make them work harder for you

Whether it is determining how email fits into individual product or promotional campaigns, developing a strategy for an ongoing newsletter, or simply making sure the emails you are sending are speaking the right language and delivering the right content for each of your target audiences, we can partner with you to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing.