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The R in PR stands for relations

As the lines between paid, earned and owned media blur, the role of PR has moved far beyond writing press releases and getting coverage. Strategic PR is about nurturing relationships, making connections, and cultivating opportunities to engage our network of influencers with your content and your brand.

When it comes to PR, what you know is only as important as who you know. It’s the relationships you nurture, the connections you draw, and the opportunities you cultivate. Specializing on the home and building products industry enables us to build strong relationships with a focused group of influencers and publications. And that third-party validation builds your credibility with architects, designers, contractors and consumers.

PR is marketing is advertising is content

Once upon a time, there was a separation between “church and state” – i.e. editorial coverage and paid advertising. But as marketers and media have evolved together to reach more sophisticated audiences, the lines have blurred. It’s all about telling great stories – creating relevant content and deploying it through the right combination of paid, earned and owned media to engage your audience.

You can’t fake it in B2B content

Relevance is getting the right content in front of the right audience at the right time. Creating the right content for architects, designers, contractors or facility managers requires an expert who understands and speaks the language of the industry and the audiences. Stoner Bunting gets to the heart of what matters to your audiences.

Awareness is so five years ago

Don’t get us wrong, awareness is good. But as a goal, it’s a bit mushy. We believe that goals must be measurable. We want to know audiences are engaging with your brand, not just aware of it. We measure all our PR and marketing tactics and deliver integrated reports that track results by campaign or by tactic. By combining accurate data with our contextual knowledge of the audience landscape, we deliver the insight you need to make better marketing decisions.

Strategic insight. Creative thinking. Real results.

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