Opportunity Cultivation

Close media relationships deliver exclusive client opportunities

Standard PR services should always include fundamental activities such as PR writing, pitching, monitoring and reporting. But at the end of the day, the true value of an experienced PR team is in the relationships we build, grow and leverage on our clients’ behalf and our creative knack for cultivating non-traditional and engagement-heavy opportunities. Whether we are introducing a brand to an editor, building affinity for products with influencers or networking on a client’s behalf at an industry event, these ongoing hunting activities bolster overall PR efforts and serve to bring the brand closer to the audience you seek.

Examples of media opportunity cultivation include:

            • Custom pitches to top editors accompanied by case studies
            • Vetting and recommending sponsorship opportunities
            • Discovering philanthropic events and/or causes
            • Showhouse inclusion
            • Custom sponsorship opportunities at industry events

As media insiders, we operate as a one-stop-shop for editors. They know us well, and they know we have their backs. They turn to us to provide them with the content they need to fill their pages – which means our clients’ products are elevated for selection.  Editors often pick up the phone to call us and ask us what is trending, allowing us to put our partners’ products, case studies and story ideas front and center.

In addition, they depend on us to not only provide editorial, but to influence it. Our media contacts believe in our partnership so much that in some cases we are brought in to help determine editorial themes ahead of its public release. We have worked directly with one large construction specification publication to map out articles for the entire year. That means there are times when we have large features and case studies secured before others in the industry even know what the topics for the year might be.

And because of these strong editorial ties, we often get reduced pricing or a first pick at new sponsorship opportunities and event participation. We put the emphasis on the relationships in public relations, and the result is bigger, better opportunities for our clients.