Pitching & Media Coverage

Driving brand awareness and visibility with PR coverage

The definition of public relations in the age of multi-channel marketing is constantly evolving to include all sorts of programs and tactics that garner coverage. But no matter how much the discipline of PR evolves, solid fundamentals will always be required: building the relationships with the media and pitching strategic content to generate editorial coverage that drives brand awareness.

Partnering with Stoner Bunting for PR services that lead to measurable coverage for your brand includes four key activities:


Strategic counsel

A PR engagement will always begin with a strategic plan, but with the way markets and landscapes shift, ongoing collaboration and strategic concepting with key contacts will be necessary throughout the partnership. Stoner Bunting is here to listen and help make good decisions together, acting as a sounding board to vet and plan initiatives.


PR content development

Of course this includes writing press releases for new products, partnerships, campaigns and events. But it’s much more than that. We live and breathe trade media. Because of our close relationships with these publications, we know how to give the media the information they want and need, maximizing editorial pick up. This includes long form content development, which we conceive and implement through a strategic triangulation process that includes monitoring editorial calendars to understand what content is timely, considering the biggest trend lines and industry buzz, and understanding what clients want to promote.


Pitching the content

Whether it’s placing a product press release announcement or securing large case study contribution, balancing the desires of the media, the audience, and the client is the secret to boosting our pitch success rate. We are always looking for that unique opportunity to engage specifiers with the right messaging, in the right place, at the right time.


Reporting on the results

The only way to know if what we are doing is working is to measure outcomes. The strategic plan that guides our PR activities includes a set of goals and KPIs against which we and our clients agree success will be measured. By keeping those goals top of mind throughout the relationship and measuring those KPIs and reporting them on a quarterly basis, we can adjust course and tactics as needed to reach the goals. The result is clients that know what to expect and are never surprised or disappointed.