Research & Messaging Strategy

The right story makes all the difference

Manufacturers a lot they want to say – about their products, their programs, their service. Architects, designers, builders and other target audiences all have things they need to hear. The trick is finding where those perspectives align so that clients are the telling the right story to the right audience. That’s where Stoner Bunting’s research and messaging strategy expertise come in.


Uncover the right story with research

The term “marketing research” covers a wide variety of methods and services, from market assessments to product development, and there is no shortage of specialists offering such services. Stoner Bunting’s research expertise is focused on primary qualitative research in the service of developing messaging strategies. We specialize in conducting focus groups and interviews that get to deeper insights faster, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the design and construction industry. We are also experts at analyzing and applying research conducted by others, identifying the nuggets of insight that can inspire a great story.

The value of research lies in the ability to get actionable insights, not just data. A Stoner Bunting research study starts with understanding how an audience thinks and feels about the category, the product, and the brand. It ends with identifying opportunities to leverage and grow their relationship to the brand by telling a better story. 


The power of stories

Audience insights provide the seeds of strategic messaging. The next step is transforming insights and messaging into stories. Messaging is dry and logical. Stories have emotion and power. As much as we like to believe we are rational beings, people buy and sell with their hearts more than their minds. Members of the architecture and design community know this better than anyone. In numerous focus groups and interviews, we have heard them talk specifically about the importance of “story” – the story of their design concept, and the story of brands and products. According them, stories create an emotional connection, make brands human, and help them sell their ideas and your products through to their clients.

In essence, a powerful story will not only capture your target audience – it will resonate through the channel and captivate the end user, building affinity with your product and your brand.