Media Appointments & Onsite Support

Take advantage of SBA’s close media relationships to maximize trade show coverage

Stoner Bunting’s experience has allowed our public relations team to develop a standard approach for leveraging the media throughout the trade show process, which includes three phases: Pre-Show-, At-Show and Post-Show marketing. Each phase plays a specific role in the success of the show.

During the pre-show phase, we reach out to ensure media know our client will be at the show and to schedule a time for editors to walk through the booth. With hundreds of booths at any given show, only the biggest fish can count on the weight of their brand to ensure media attention. For smaller, newer or lesser-known brands, it is essential to have an experienced PR team working on their behalf to secure media appointments.

At-show time is then spent meeting with the editors during those scheduled tours and providing marketing support to the client in the booth. Often, because of how well we function on behalf of our clients, we are able to perform in the booth as an extension of the client marketing and sales teams.

The value in having and SBA team member on-site during a show lasts well beyond the end of the event. When we are handling editor appointments and booth tours on the client’s behalf, the transition to post-show media follow-up is seamless. Editors continue to deal with professionals they know and trust during the post-show phase when we work to leverage feature article and show coverage opportunities for our clients.