Multi-Client Promotions

Extending client dollars and amplifying messages by working together

One unique benefit of working with experts who specialize in a particular industry is the ability to leverage the knowledge and opportunities that arise from an entire network of related but non-competitive clients. Thus hardware manufacturers and custom cabinetry brands can be pitched together for kitchen and bath design trends. Ceiling, wall and flooring clients can be brought together to share their expertise on acoustics, resulting in a complete 360° perspective on interior spaces that provides architects even greater value than single category- or brand-focused content.

Connecting clients in complementary product categories with shared audiences, Stoner Bunting is able to create opportunities that are cost-effectively shared among multiple clients while boosting the audience appeal with a more dynamic offering. We have coordinated multi-client opportunities in a variety of tactical executions.

Manufacturer Influencer Events

For years, SBA has been bringing clients together with A&D media editors and architectural influencers in custom events to learn, network and play. These popular events developed around key industry occasions give clients one-on-one access to more than a dozen influential professionals for an affordable buy-in.

Tradeshow Space

Creating a destination for show-goers that showcases three or more manufacturers in one booth space not only reduces individual trade show investment, but shows attendees how various manufacturers’ products interact with others, inspiring future design opportunities for all brands.


Grouping SBA clients together for the multi-sponsor CEUs offered by leading A&D publications helps streamlining the process and ensures balanced representation and topical cohesion within the piece.

Media Opportunities

From acoustics to sustainability to biophilic design, publications are always looking for content that touches on industry trends and hot topics. Writing, pitching and placing feature articles that include thought leadership from multiple clients representing multiple categories provides added value to clients and media connections alike.