Trade Show Strategy & Planning

Successful show or waste of resources? It all comes down to planning.

It’s not about the big booth, expensive swag or open-bar happy hour – it’s about having a smart strategy and executing a great plan. That doesn’t mean ignoring the role of booth design, premiums and networking opportunities. It just means doing them the right way for the right reasons.

An effective trade show strategy starts the same way any effective strategy begins: with a clear, measurable goal. Trade shows aren’t about selling – especially in the design and construction industry where the decision process is long and impacted by numerous influencers along the way. Architects, designers and contractors got to shows to see what’s new, to network, and to kick tires. A successful show for home and building products manufacturers includes generating a targeted number of leads, making connections with qualified attendees and getting a next step for follow-up. A strategic trade show plan focuses ensuring these goals are met.

A Stoner Bunting trade show strategy includes three distinct plans:

Pre-Show Plan

The average trade show attendee has 75% of their booth visits determined before they even set foot on the show floor. Pre-show planning is designed to make sure our client’s booth is on that list through:

  • Pre-show promotions
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media
  • Press releases and media outreach

At-Show Plan

What will happen during those two or three short days to drive traffic and convert it into qualified leads? This is where SBA lends our expertise in:

Post-Show Plan

The end of the show is just the beginning. Having a post-show plan in place ensures that the leads and opportunities gathered on the show floor don’t wither and die for lack of attention. SBA can help establish: