Meet the Leadership

Your shortcut to success

We are experts with decades of experience in B2B strategy, channel marketing, influencer connections, online engagement and creative design. Our familiarity with the building products landscape is your shortcut to success. When other agencies would still be getting up to speed on your business, we’ve already hit the ground running on the way to results.

  • Cheryl Shinton Bio Image

    Cheryl Shinton

    Chief Operating Officer

    Cheryl is the ultimate agency hybrid. Her expertise spans digital marketing, creative design, analytics and reporting, as well as good old-fashioned account management. This versatility gives her a full 360° perspective on every campaign, and it gives clients the assurance that any suggestion that comes from Cheryl has been thought through from every direction. Inside the agency, her hybrid mind facilitates integration among digital, creative, media and strategy teams for clients like CertainTeed, Wood-Mode and Ross Technologies.

  • Dan Nguyen Bio Image

    Dan Nguyen

    President, Owner

    A true entrepreneur and businessperson, Dan’s eyes are always on the horizon, looking for the next opportunity. His mindset defies complacency and keeps the whole team on their toes. In 2007, Dan became the third owner of Stoner Bunting, and the first with a creative background, having helped clients like Ryobi Tools, Stainmaster carpet, Wood-Mode and Armstrong Flooring. His combination of sensible leadership and entrepreneurial spirit guided Stoner Bunting through the challenging recession years and into unprecedented growth. And his focus on expertise and results continues to drive the agency and its clients forward.

  • Nicole Bromley Bio Image

    Nicole Bromley

    Chief Growth Officer

    Nicole is simply unflappable. She handles any challenge with endless opportunities – from developing new product and services to getting client audiences to engage – all with an energetic, no-nonsense demeanor and creative approach that clients and coworkers have come to rely on. With 20+ years experience in marketing and sales strategy, business development, public relations, fundraising and tech development, Nicole’s drive and passion for results have given her the knowledge, tools and capability required by today’s evolving world of digital and practical know-how.

  • Allison Schiding Creative Strategist Stoner Bunting

    Allison Schiding

    Creative Strategist

    Sit down to discuss a project with Allison, and odds are she will always ask one more question than you were prepared to answer. That curiosity is at the heart of her ability to understand the landscape and uncover ways to connect your brand and your customers. Stainmaster carpet, Armstrong Flooring, CertainTeed, Construction Specialties and York Wallcoverings are just a few of the home and building products businesses that have benefited from Allison’s knack for research and talent for distilling complex information into compelling stories.

  • Molly Duncan Bio Image

    Molly Duncan

    Director of Public Relations

    Molly is living the philosophy of “we can get coverage for that” as the leader of Stoner Bunting’s PR department. Her goal-oriented nature and ability to work with a team to develop unique pitch strategies for products and identify out-of-the-box opportunities for clients have garnered attention from industry editors. She is a top-notch relationship builder which allows her to make an impact on whatever she puts her mind to. She is currently managing the success for brands including Clopay Corporation, ShurTape and INSTALL.

  • Patrick Kirchner, Associate Content Director

    Patrick Kirchner

    Content Director

    Is he a writer or a designer? With career that includes magazine and news writing and positions as Visual Editor and Design Director, it’s natural to ask which side of the creative fence Patrick falls on. The short answer: he’s a communicator. Words. Pictures. Digital. Print. Short-form. Long-form. None of that matters to Patrick. His mission is simply to find the best way to engage the audience with your story, which he does with creativity, enthusiasm and insight for clients like ShurTech Brands and CertainTeed Ceilings.

  • Dana Gulick Bio Image

    Dana Gulick

    Account Director

    Dana brings with her expertise from both the agency and client side, giving her the ultimate perspective on strategic approach and project efficiency in the B2B space. Her versatility and vibrant sense of humor gives her an edge that connects with team members and clients alike. As a natural strategic doer, Dana is one to get her hands dirty one day – and lead a team the next. She’s really an all-around, versatile powerhouse that is an asset to any project team. Today she shares her expertise in product launches for manufacturers with clients such as ShurTech, Wilsonart, Ross Technology and CertainTeed.

  • Lauren Eisenhauer Social Media Director

    Lauren Eisenhauer

    Social Media Director

    One part classicist. One part forward-thinker. Another part creative. And another analytical strategist. Armed with expertise across all aspects of marketing and business, Lauren merges her advertising and marketing automation foundations with the ever-changing platforms of social media to help building material brands connect with audiences in new ways. 

    Algorithms and user habits change fast, and finding creative ways to weave age-old marketing practices into it all offers a never-ending feed of exciting challenges to solve. That’s what makes the social world such a great fit for Lauren—she can rely on her instincts from a decade-plus in marketing while staying ahead of emerging marketing trends for clients like Clopay, CertainTeed, Wilsonart, Maxxit, Kohler, and INSTALL.

  • Todd Petrasic, Stoner Bunting Advertising

    Todd Petrasic

    Digital Program Manager

    Part strategy, part planning, part execution – with a dash of herding cats. That’s a typical day for SBA’s digital Program Manager. It’s a juggling act, to be sure. One that involves managing client goals and expectations, vendor deliverables and project timelines. Todd’s ability to pull it off stems from an infinite willingness to learn, a knack for staying cool when things are on fire, and an old-fashioned can-do attitude disguised by a dry sense of humor. He’s brought complex digital and media programs to life for such clients as Jiffy Lube, CertainTeed, The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Ross Technology.