Maximize Trade Show ROI

Gaining Editorial Opportunities at Trade Shows

A trade show is bigger than the people you meet at the booth or those in your target audience who walk the show. The buzz should reach well beyond the event – and it can, if you engage with the right people at the right time.  When we approach a trade show project, we look at the various ways to gain editorial opportunity with top publications in three phases of our planning: pre-show, during-show and post-show. Within each phase, there are ways to leverage both trade show buzz and editor needs.

Here’s how we maximize your success – and ROI.


Before the show

  • We actively pitch publications that are generating previews of products to see at the show
  • We generate press releases promoting participation in the show and new products featured at the booth, as well as outlining booth activities and events
  • We create a target media list by securing and vetting the pre-registered press list to determine relevant publications
  • We do media outreach by contacting each publication individually to secure a media appointment
  • We vet show promotional programs including awards, sponsorship opportunities and special events and make recommendations for participation
  • We develop higher level strategic programs that consider booth promotions, custom event planning and coordination, show theming, booth design and strategic messaging


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At the show

  • We are a member of the booth team. Our goal is to be an extension of your marketing department at the show. We welcome attendees, assist with event setup and coordination, and provide booth tours.
  • Conducting media appointments is our primary function. We receive the editor, provide a booth tour and use the one-on-one time to nurture the relationship on behalf of the client, have open conversation about their upcoming editorial and then find ways to relate their needs to the client’s offering.
  • We create future PR opportunities. Many relationships and opportunities come up by virtue of show floor interaction. Meeting new editors, contractors, designers and architects; attending events; general networking. We often come back from a show with leads for new opportunities that were unplanned but hold promise for the client.

After the show

  • We follow up to all conversations started on the show floor. There’s a fair degree of influencing and negotiation that occurs with the goal to secure additional opportunities
  • We provide materials to editors that were requested during the media appointment
  • We have ongoing discussions for feature and product coverage later in the show
  • We provide a comprehensive show report that details all work to support the show, list of appointments secured, resulting editorial opportunities and coverage

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Are you maximizing your trade show investment?

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