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From content marketing and advertising to spec sheets and trade shows, you manage lots of messages to multiple channels, from architects to distributors to contractors. That’s why we provide a full range of marketing disciplines, all focused on the building products industry and seamlessly integrated – to help you strategize, organize and execute with efficiency, consistency and impact.

Because no matter how many projects are moving behind the scenes, your customers, prospects and influencers should get unified, compelling impressions that drive sales and generate results.


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    pr & social media

    As the lines between paid, earned and owned media blur, the role of PR has moved far beyond writing press releases and getting coverage. Strategic PR is about nurturing relationships, making connections, and cultivating opportunities to engage our network of influencers with your content and your brand.

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    strategy & planning

    There are a thousand ways to get from where you are to where you want to be. The blend of inside-the-industry knowledge and outside-your-company perspective makes Stoner Bunting an ideal partner for mapping your route via the right audiences, messaging and media.

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    The value of research lies in the ability to get actionable insights, not just data. A Stoner Bunting research study starts with understanding how your audience relates to your product, category and brand. It ends with identifying opportunities to leverage and grow that relationship.

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    product launches

    Innovation is at the heart of the building products industry. The design and construction community craves new solutions, yet is notoriously risk averse. Stoner Bunting’s unique combination of creativity and planning have helped clients successful launch products to audiences throughout the channel.

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    sales support

    Sales and marketing have always had a complicated relationship. Stoner Bunting understands the importance of both and considers it our calling to bridge the gap between them by creating and deploy materials that make it easy for your sales team to tell your story.

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    trade shows

    They’re up; they’re down. They’re in; they’re out. Are trade shows still worth the investment? Only if you do them right. That means focusing on the right goals and using all the tools at your disposal – before, during and after the show - to achieve them.

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