Sales Support, Messaging & Materials

Coordinating marketing and sales messaging increases the effectiveness of both

Marketing only takes leads so far down the funnel. For most manufacturers, it’s up to the sales team to seal the deal – often armed with materials provided to them by the marketing team. Are they the right materials? And is the sales team actually using them? Stoner Bunting has expertise in coordinating messaging and developing useful materials to ensure a smooth handoff from marketing and better odds of closing the sale.


Our collaborative process:

When we develop sales messaging and materials, our first step is talking to the reps who work with the materials. In fact, we often tell clients that the sales team is their first audience – one that needs to be listened to, understood and communicated with just as strategically as any other target. Engaging reps up front gets them invested in the process, ensuring buy-in for the approach. It also ensures the deliverables are designed for real-world applications.

These deliverables can include any of the following collateral materials:

  • Brochures
  • Sell sheets
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • CEU presentations
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Sample kits
  • Product demonstration kits


Give the sales team what they need to succeed

Just because all the sales reps have the same materials doesn’t mean they are all telling the same story. This is where our expertise in sales messaging training comes in. This type of training isn’t about methodology – it’s not a replacement for Challenger Sales or SPIN Selling or NEAT Selling. It’s training them in how to use the materials provided by marketing to deliver a consistent message about the overall brand as well as individual products and services.

In addition to developing the right sales stories and adapting them into effective sales support materials, Stoner Bunting has experience creating sales and product knowledge training to make sure marketing and sales are all on the same page.

Sales Support

Sales and marketing have always had a complicated relationship

Stoner Bunting understands the importance of both and considers it our calling to bridge the gap between them by creating and deploying materials that make it easy for your sales team to tell your story.

Sales and marketing are like siblings – they are part of the same family and deep down, they want the same things. But they are always competing for attention and recognition of their unique roll in the family dynamic. This is especially challenging in the building products industry, where the relationship between the customer and their sales rep plays such a critical role.