AI & Its Value in Building Products Marketing

Posted by: Ella Van Dyk 03/22/2023

How to Use AI to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

As we have discussed before, AI platforms such as Chat GPT are rapidly taking up more space and grabbing people’s attention in the world of marketing. Algorithms that can out-perform humans, and that can spawn their own brand of intelligence are intimidating, although certainly not a viable replacement for humans and work produced by human minds. 

However, our focus should be more on how we can harness this impressive tool as a supplement to our creative work, a way of filling in blanks and creating templates more efficiently—not replacing the creativity, emotion, and personality of human-created work. Essentially, we can think of Chat GPT as a brainstorming and efficiency tool, a helpful means to enhance our work. This is the key: enhancement, not replacement.


Using AI to Market Building Products

So long as we maintain growth mindsets, and set out to work with not against AI, there are many ways to benefit from what it has to offer. Below, we’ll discuss some helpful tips for using AI for the purposes of building products marketing.

Chat GPT can be used to:

1. Automate repetitive and tedious tasks

  • Using Chat GPT to automate tasks that are essential but very monotonous is a great way to boost productivity and performance in the workplace. When people have more time to focus their energies into tasks relating to critical thinking and meaning making, they are usually more engaged in their work and company goals.

2. Moderate and generate content efficiently

  • Improving content for a specific goal, such as search engine optimization
  • Modifying content for a specific tone or purpose.

3. Ad Targeting

  • Identifying and segmenting target audiences
  • Testing Ads, Improving Ad Performances
  • Optimizing Advertising Budget

4. Tracking Keyword Engagement

Keywords are an essential metric for understanding user engagement. AI helps us to track this in a more calculated and exact manner that can benefit our companies in the long run. It is seemingly small things like this that can make all the difference.

5. Data Analysis

  • Quickly perform evidence-based reasoning
  • Generate detailed reports
  • Isolate variables needed to optimize performance

6. Email-Content Curation

Presumably, reaching folks by email is a large part of the daily operations of your company. Chat GPT is excellent at creating emails for specific purposes. This is a great way to save time and generate templates to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Using Chat GPT to assist with email curation can also create more consistency across the board.


 A Growing Tool for Growing Business

Those are just a few of the main ways that AI programs can assist your company with its marketing strategy, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are endless ways to get creative about using AI as a tool for helping our businesses excel and grow in ways we didn’t know possible until now—and that list may continue to grow.

Let’s focus on using AI as a helpful tool and get started using it to build from what we have already created.


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