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The best Instagram Story stickers for your business

Social media is constantly evolving and adding new tools to help better your posting capabilities. One of the best recent additions to Instagram are interactive elements called stickers, which you can add to your stories to make them more engaging. Every building products brand has its own social strategy and goals. Fortunately, there’s a sticker … Continue reading “The best Instagram Story stickers for your business”

5 tips on running a successful Instagram Live

In the wake of COVID-19, marketers are working remotely, leveraging digital tools in new ways to stay connected and engaged with clients. For building product manufacturers, Instagram Live is an effective tool for reaching your audiences and keep them informed on industry trends and your products. It’s also away to increase your visibility and continue … Continue reading “5 tips on running a successful Instagram Live”

Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

There are plenty of reasons to run an email marketing campaign. They’re inexpensive, relatively simple to execute and an effective way to communicate directly with your customers or prospects. In recent years, more and more business has migrated from desktops and laptops to phones and mobile devices, and with COVID-19 keeping the vast majority of … Continue reading “Make Your Email Marketing More Effective”

Plugging In: How to Stay Connected to Customers & Employees

Marketing in the building products industry relies on nurturing relationships through contact. But the definition of contact means something very different these days. In the wake of COVID-19, businesses and industries across the board are adapting to remote work and figuring out what the new landscape of work-life balance means. And now, your building products … Continue reading “Plugging In: How to Stay Connected to Customers & Employees”

How to Find Influencers

Influencer marketing is all about tapping into others that have a social following and are capable of promoting and selling your brand’s products or services. With a better understanding of the importance of influencer marketing, it’s critical to take the next step in actually finding influencers who are capable of promoting your brand while increasing … Continue reading “How to Find Influencers”

The Social Platform You May be Overlooking

It isn’t a new platform. It’s been around for quite some time. Since 2003, to be exact. (Which pre-dates both Facebook and Instagram.) You may be hearing LinkedIn being tossed around the marketing industry much more today than in previous years. But why should we care about it now, and what benefit does it have … Continue reading “The Social Platform You May be Overlooking”

Understanding the Many Methods of Marketing

As marketers, we’re often categorized in one bucket. But what’s typically referred to as “marketing” tends to be an overgeneralization of a variety of very specific tactics and approaches, each with its own method for reaching target audiences. We are marketers, yes. But we’re also advertisers, public relations gurus, social media coordinators, creative directors, media … Continue reading “Understanding the Many Methods of Marketing”

Connecting with Architects and Designers Means Thinking Beyond Traditional Marketing Tactics

For our clients’ product lines, architects are the key players in the specification process. So reaching architects with messaging that resonates and branding that leaves a lasting impression is crucial to successful building product marketing campaigns. We know architects are well versed in their areas of expertise. Meeting their expectations in a marketing-speak environment that … Continue reading “Connecting with Architects and Designers Means Thinking Beyond Traditional Marketing Tactics”

Great! Your Brand has Launched a New Website. Now What?

One of the most exciting parts of developing or redesigning your company’s website is that moment when it is released to the world. All the hard work can finally be shown to potential clients, customers and business partners. But with upward of 1.5 billion websites (and counting) in existence, how will the world know when … Continue reading “Great! Your Brand has Launched a New Website. Now What?”