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3 Metrics to Help Bolster Your Social Campaigns

Before 2020, social media use had been trending toward a slow decline, with concerns over screen time, false information and threats to quality in-person interaction. But the pandemic renewed its relevance in one swift stroke when we quite literally couldn’t interact in person. In 2020, Americans social media use jumped to 82 minutes per day … Continue reading “3 Metrics to Help Bolster Your Social Campaigns”

How to Write Copy for B2B Marketing

The number one complaint about B2B copy? The content is too wordy. In boils down to one simple fact: The more difficult the copy is to digest, the less value it has to its audience. When developing content for a B2B audience, whether it’s for sales collateral or content marketing, it is crucial to keep … Continue reading “How to Write Copy for B2B Marketing”

VIDEO CHAT: The Shifting Nature of Building Industry Media and Public Relations

In response to changing media consumption over the last decade, building products industry media has seen a gradual shift in the way it operates. When the pandemic hit the U.S., that gradual shift took on significantly more speed.   Today, more and more industry publications are seeking new ways to  operate with cost efficiency by … Continue reading “VIDEO CHAT: The Shifting Nature of Building Industry Media and Public Relations”

How are you measuring earned media success as the industry changes?

Increasing pay-to-play editorial requires a fine-tuning of pitching. From the shrinking number of pages in popular A&D magazines to the increase in advertising space and a decrease in journalistic editorial, to print publications closing their doors altogether, there’s no denying the print and media landscape is changing. In the past, the separation between paid and … Continue reading “How are you measuring earned media success as the industry changes?”

The best Instagram Story stickers for your business

Social media is constantly evolving and adding new tools to help better your posting capabilities. One of the best recent additions to Instagram are interactive elements called stickers, which you can add to your stories to make them more engaging. Every building products brand has its own social strategy and goals. Fortunately, there’s a sticker … Continue reading “The best Instagram Story stickers for your business”

How to up your video conferencing game with customers

Video conferencing has changed the way we do business, both internally and with customers. In the recent past, video conferencing was a way to save you the expense of travel miles and a ton of time. In the wake of the pandemic, conferencing has become an essential part of our daily work routine. Although we … Continue reading “How to up your video conferencing game with customers”

Adapting PR Approaches for New Realities

During the pandemic, your internal audience of media sources is just as important as your external targets. That means playing it smart with PR efforts. It’s no longer enough to focus public relations initiatives on announcements of innovative products and thought leadership articles. In order to get the media interested in your brand during the … Continue reading “Adapting PR Approaches for New Realities”

5 tips on running a successful Instagram Live

In the wake of COVID-19, marketers are working remotely, leveraging digital tools in new ways to stay connected and engaged with clients. For building product manufacturers, Instagram Live is an effective tool for reaching your audiences and keep them informed on industry trends and your products. It’s also away to increase your visibility and continue … Continue reading “5 tips on running a successful Instagram Live”

Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

There are plenty of reasons to run an email marketing campaign. They’re inexpensive, relatively simple to execute and an effective way to communicate directly with your customers or prospects. In recent years, more and more business has migrated from desktops and laptops to phones and mobile devices, and with COVID-19 keeping the vast majority of … Continue reading “Make Your Email Marketing More Effective”