Perfect Pitch: How to Get Published in A&D Industry Media

Posted by: Patrick Kirchner 08/07/2019

So, you have a cool story or project and you want to get it published? But how can you get editors to care about your piece in 2019? Editors are bogged down with communication—email fatigue is real! Making your content stand out can seem like an overwhelming task and getting coverage placements can be difficult. Putting to practice a few helpful rules can be the difference of having your pitch trashed and a stellar article placement. Here are a few practices we’ve seen effective in the editorial world:


Put some effort into those email subject lines.

The subject line of your email is the first thing someone sees as they quickly scan their inbox – use this to your advantage! Crafting a subject line that quickly catches attention can help editors take notice of your email. For example, publications put out editorial calendars listing out things they are highlighting throughout the year in each month/edition, consider using their monthly theme in your subject line to quickly show that your content is relevant. For example, if XYZ magazine is covering weather events in their September edition, instead of labeling your subject line “Editorial” label it “September Weather Theme Based Editorial”. An added benefit to using this method is that it immediately shows the editor you have done your research – positioning you as helpful and smart.


Be organized and thorough with assets.

Being organized and providing editors with everything they need in a neat easy to navigate system- find what works for you – do you use a file sharing site? Attach everything in the email body? If an editor sends out a call for editorial be sure to follow the format they request in your pitches. Another important point of organization includes keeping careful record of who/what/when you pitched each content piece and feedback you have gotten from editors. Keeping track of these details will ensure you have intelligent conversations in the future.


Communicate with editors, then communicate again.

Making sure to follow up is crucial. Just as emails can slip through the cracks for you, believe it or not it also happens for editors! A friendly “wanted to make sure you saw xyz” is a nice way to bring your idea back around. However, use cation when following up for 3rd and 4th times. If you don’t have anything new to add to your pitch determine the priority of getting this particular content published at this pub.


Understand their content and audiences.

Establishing relationships with editors is the difference between struggling for placements and having editors coming to you for content ideas. By paying attention to detail and doing your research on their publication you will be able to share valuable content relevant to their editorial deadlines. Take the time to get to know the publication and the types of stories/projects they feature. Don’t waste an editor’s time or clutter their inbox with pitches for things that won’t fit the publication’s vibe. Building this trust and respect by being mindful of what they are looking for will go a long way towards proving your value and building relationships for the future.


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