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Image Matters: Why Visual Content is Important for Digital Marketing

While the digital landscape is changing daily, with new devices and apps seemingly straight out of science fiction being released, one thing remains consistent: the need for compelling images in storytelling. Whatever the application — press releases, website images, social media, or anything else digital — visual content is a defining factor in helping your … Continue reading “Image Matters: Why Visual Content is Important for Digital Marketing”

Design & Construction Week 2015

The 2nd annual Design & Construction Week (DCW), a set of five influential design and construction industry shows, has come to an end. From January 18th through the 23rd, 125,000+ residential construction and design professionals convened in Las Vegas, meeting with 3,750 exhibitors in over 4.7 million net square feet of exhibits. DCW 2015 included … Continue reading “Design & Construction Week 2015”

The Importance of Digital Credibility

It’s 2015, and while we don’t have the flying cars that were promised to us in the 1960’s, the role of digital technology and e-commerce have irreversibly changed our world. All demographics have embraced digital, and while there are differences in how they use the technology, the constant is that they will continue to make … Continue reading “The Importance of Digital Credibility”

Post-Holiday Marketing Tips for A Successful New Year

For the past three months, it seems like everything in the office has revolved around the “P” word—PLANNING. Didn’t we just do this at the end of 2013 for 2014? Alas, now that clients and staff are back in the office after two weeks of holiday interruptions and vacation, it’s time to finalize and implement … Continue reading “Post-Holiday Marketing Tips for A Successful New Year”