The best Instagram Story stickers for your business

Posted by: Patrick Kirchner 06/30/2020

The best Instagram Story stickers for your business

Social media is constantly evolving and adding new tools to help better your posting capabilities. One of the best recent additions to Instagram are interactive elements called stickers, which you can add to your stories to make them more engaging. Every building products brand has its own social strategy and goals. Fortunately, there’s a sticker that will work  for essentially every social engagement goal. And the types and looks of stickers are constantly expanding.

Whether you’re  trying to increase your visual flair, discoverability and engagement, or find clients in your locale, boost a partnership, or promote a campaign …. There’s a sticker to help your business succeed.

Here’s a roundup of some of the more useful stickers.

1. Poll

Polls are a one of the easiest story stickers to use. You can ask a simple yes or no question and get an instant response. Viewers can also personalize this sticker by holding down on the “yes” or “no” option and typing in your own responses or emojis. This sticker is best used for gathering feedback, increasing  engagement, learning about your audience’s preferences and crowdsourcing ideas.

Instagram Story Poll Stickers for your business.


2. Emoji Slider:

The emoji slider stickers can be used in many ways. It’s great for getting a quick reaction and gathering feedback from followers. You can always get creative with it and change the emoji and colors. Tap white box, your keyboard and emojis will pop up. Slide over to the second page of emojis and click the plus sign to view all emojis. The emoji slider is a great way to make your followers feel personally involved in your processes.

Instagram Story Emoji Slider Stickers for your business.


3. Questions

The question sticker is used for sparking conversation, gathering feedback, learning about your audience, crowdsourcing ideas and engaging with your followers. There are two types of question stickers: you ask a question and your followers submit their answers, or your followers submit questions for you to answer. This would be a great way to gather information before going live on Instagram or creating video stories.

Instagram Story Question Stickers for your business.


4. Location

You can use the location sticker to increase discoverability and engagement, and to attract audiences to a specific physical location (say, for an event with a brand partner). As people search a location, they will be able to scroll through all the stories associated with that same location. This can increase the number of views you get and increase your chances of being discovered organically.

Instagram Story Location Stickers for your business.


5. Countdown

The countdown sticker is a great tool to generate interest in an product launch, campaign or brand event. You can also use this sticker as a nice reminder that you have a live digital event coming up, like a video chat about a new building product. Click the arrow in the top right corner to set a reminder for when the countdown ends. It’s a great way to generate hype in advance. Get your followers excited and encourage them to do this.

Instagram Story Countdown Stickers for your business.


6. Hashtag

You can add up to 10 hashtags to your story, with one clickable link. Adding hashtags to your story can highlight an event or increase your discoverability and engagement. Similar to the location sticker, as people search a hashtag, they will be able to scroll through all the stories associated with that same tag.


These are just a few examples how you can use story stickers for your business. And there are many more that can help  drive brand awareness and promote products—Mention, Gif, Shopping, and Chat stickers to name a few.

Instagram Story Hashtag Stickers for your business.


If you aren’t using Instagram Story stickers, you’re missing out on opportunities to engage your social followers. Instagram Story stickers are a great way to make your stories more engaging and interactive.


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