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Know Your Niche: Why Industry Expertise Matters

“The Home of Home and Building Products:” A Brand Promise Aside from being astonishingly clever, our tagline drives the work that we do and emphasizes some of our core values as an agency. We don’t talk about the industry — we live it. For years, companies have to come to trust us because of our thorough … Continue reading “Know Your Niche: Why Industry Expertise Matters”

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Marketing To Consumers Who Want Experiences, Not “Stuff”

Brian Schultz, co‐founder and chief experience officer at the New York City-based agency Magnetic, recently wrote an article for Advertising Age titled “Not Just Millennials: Consumers Want Experiences, Not Things.” The article offers an overview of the enormous shift that our society is currently undergoing when it comes to how and where we spend our … Continue reading “Marketing To Consumers Who Want Experiences, Not “Stuff””

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Social Media and the Home & Building Products Industry

We are fortunate to work in an incredible industry, one that is filled with fantastic products and brands aimed at everyone from middle-class consumers in suburbia to the influential and powerful movers and shakers of the architecture and design world. From one of the largest gypsum suppliers in the country, to architectural metal fabricators, to … Continue reading “Social Media and the Home & Building Products Industry”

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