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5 Reasons Every Building Product Marketing Team Should Be Blogging

For years, building products marketers have treated blogging as secondary online activity that only gets time whenever there’s nothing else to do. Poor ol’ blog. But your blog should be treated as an integral part of your integrated online digital marketing program. That’s because blogging isn’t just about providing useful information to your target audience … Continue reading “5 Reasons Every Building Product Marketing Team Should Be Blogging”

How to Communicate Marketing Messages Amid COVID-19

During this pandemic, it’s important to integrate tact, empathy and mindfulness into all of your external communications. Here are three tips to consider as we navigate these uncertain times.   Communicating with Customers and Clients Customers want to be assured that your organization is doing all it can to remain stable. Make sure you proactively … Continue reading “How to Communicate Marketing Messages Amid COVID-19”

It’s Complicated: The Evolving Relationship between PR and Trade Publications

In a world increasingly dictated by the influence of big money, we have always relied on one thing to be “unbiased”: the free press. But as landscapes change and the general public has been more and more reluctant to pay for information media, the content within most home and building products industry periodicals has slowly … Continue reading “It’s Complicated: The Evolving Relationship between PR and Trade Publications”

Best Posting Practices for Social Media

As covid-19 impacts all corners of the economy, b2b marketing is being forced to adapt. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for home and building products brands to continue to network via social media and maintain connections with architects, designers, specifiers and contractors. When you look at the options of social media … Continue reading “Best Posting Practices for Social Media”

Defining the Right Vertical for Your Product Marketing

Every building product you put on the market offers a unique set of features and benefits. Once you’ve identified the key attributes against your business goals and the market, you further define where the product should be specified and, ultimately, in what kinds of spaces it should be installed—homes, hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, etc. So … Continue reading “Defining the Right Vertical for Your Product Marketing”

How to Find Influencers

Influencer marketing is all about tapping into others that have a social following and are capable of promoting and selling your brand’s products or services. With a better understanding of the importance of influencer marketing, it’s critical to take the next step in actually finding influencers who are capable of promoting your brand while increasing … Continue reading “How to Find Influencers”

The Social Platform You May be Overlooking

It isn’t a new platform. It’s been around for quite some time. Since 2003, to be exact. (Which pre-dates both Facebook and Instagram.) You may be hearing LinkedIn being tossed around the marketing industry much more today than in previous years. But why should we care about it now, and what benefit does it have … Continue reading “The Social Platform You May be Overlooking”

Understanding the Many Methods of Marketing

As marketers, we’re often categorized in one bucket. But what’s typically referred to as “marketing” tends to be an overgeneralization of a variety of very specific tactics and approaches, each with its own method for reaching target audiences. We are marketers, yes. But we’re also advertisers, public relations gurus, social media coordinators, creative directors, media … Continue reading “Understanding the Many Methods of Marketing”

Connecting with Architects and Designers Means Thinking Beyond Traditional Marketing Tactics

For our clients’ product lines, architects are the key players in the specification process. So reaching architects with messaging that resonates and branding that leaves a lasting impression is crucial to successful building product marketing campaigns. We know architects are well versed in their areas of expertise. Meeting their expectations in a marketing-speak environment that … Continue reading “Connecting with Architects and Designers Means Thinking Beyond Traditional Marketing Tactics”